Assistant Health Minister Fiona Nash stands by Alastair Furnival

Stands by her chief of staff. Peter Rae Senator Nash’s chief of staff Alastair Furnival resigned this month when it was revealed by Fairfax Media that he had retained ownership of a lobbying company in breach of the ministerial staff code of conduct. It followed a decision by the Minister’s office to take down a healthy food website seen as hostile to the snack food industry. The pictures suggest Mr Furnival, who went on to hold a key post in the Abbott government with critical responsibility for food policy, was central to Coalition discussions resulting in a promised transfer of taxpayer funds to the company. He has since pointedly refused to say what links he had to Mr Furnival and what role Mr Furnival might have played in brokering the proposed transfer of millions in taxpayer funds to the multi-national owned company. You will now receive updates from Breaking News Alert Breaking News Alert Get the latest news and updates emailed straight to your inbox. By submitting your email you are agreeing to Fairfax Media’s terms and conditions and privacy policy. On Tuesday, Mr Abbott told Parliament Mr Furnival had resigned a fortnight ago because he had been ”dilatory” in his requirement to divest himself of shares in the company. The different explanations prompted the opposition to ask Mr Abbott which of the two ministers had misled Parliament.

Redzel to race in The Everest

Name of Poland The origin of the name Poland derives from the West Slavic tribe of Polans Polanie that inhabited the Warta River basin of the historic Greater Poland region starting in the 6th century. The origin of the name Polanie itself derives from the early Slavic word pole field. In some languages, such as Hungarian, Lithuanian, Persian and Turkish, the exonym for Poland is Lechites Lechici , which derives from the name of a semi-legendary ruler of Polans, Lech I.

Screenwriter Jenny Lumet also came forward with an accusation saying Simmons forced himself into her home and intimidated her.

Head Gasket Towards the end of Bee didn’t seem to be pulling so well, and sounded a bit rough backing into the garage. Checking the carbs the rear was OK on the lifting pin but the front didn’t give the usual response. Checking the plugs the front pair looked a bit weak, so richened going for max idle when turning the nut, but the lifting pin still didn’t do much.

I’d deliberately left the Bosch 4-point plugs in well over 10k just to see what happened, no mechanical wear, but decided the experiment had gone on long enough so fitted a new set of NGKs. Running noticeably better, some response from the front lifting-pin, but still not as good as the rear. Did a compression test, and No. Did a compressed air test, and No. So the head will have to come off – again, go away for testing, and if OK I’ll have it converted to unleaded to take the old valves and seats out of the equation.

If not, then a replacement head from somewhere. However, last time when torquing back up some of the studs weren’t rising as I would have expected, and I wondered if some were on the point of failing. I’d tried to remove them using double-nuts – as much to make it easier to clean the block face as anything else, but couldn’t shift the first few I tried, so gave up.

Rupert Murdoch Is ‘Liar or Delusional’ About Sexual Harassment, Says Ex-Fox News Analyst

Konta had an ice pack applied to her head and was reduced to tears by the fall, which saw her slip and land painfully on her head and back as she tried to hit a forehand. A relieved Konta said after the win: I got checked out and I’ve got no signs of concussion. I’ve got a bit of a sore head, but I’m sure I’ll pull up well tomorrow. First my back and then my head went back on the ground.

Reuters It was a fittingly eventful end to a sensational day for the British women on the south coast as Konta and Heather Watson won two matches each to advance to the Aegon International semi-finals – the first time in the tournament’s history that two Brits have reached the last four.

Jagiellon dynasty Battle of Grunwald was fought against the German Order of Teutonic Knights , and resulted in a decisive victory for the Kingdom of Poland , 15 July

August 8 From: Thanks to Ben Vidgen for his excellent research and to Vinny Eastwood for the video presentation. Watch this compact fact-filled summary and consider as you weigh things up for this September. And please share the video. Does Your Vote Really Count? If you believe your vote does count, ask yourself this, why has every Prime Minister since Robert Muldoon belonged to international organizations pushing for an end to national sovereignty and a UN centered world government?

Jacinda Arden And Light Rail: Agenda 21 In New Zealand “Transport has concluded that light rail offers the best benefit to cost ratio, compared to heavy rail and bus rapid transport, to improve transport in the suburbs of the isthmus. Its business case found that existing transport is already at capacity and light rail is needed as soon as possible. Auckland Council had included the light rail line as part of its 10 year plan.

Labour is keen to begin work on the light rail line as soon as possible and will work with Auckland Council to make funding this project a priority within ten years. Half of the cost of the light rail line will be met by central government. The other half of the cost will be met by Auckland Council.

Johanna Konta recovers from nasty fall to defeat world No.1 Angelique Kerber

December 17, 5: Holder, who is a former contributor and guest host on Fox News Channel, had received a settlement after speaking out about her own encounter with sexual assault at the network. That was not flirting; that was criminal. That was not sexual harassment, there were no gray areas or whatever Matt Damon recently said.

Refitted the heater return pipe from heater to bottom hose.

The main character Michael is seen scattering cigarette butts outside a rooftop door and putting an empty pack of Morleys in the rooftop doorjamb. He bums a pack of Morleys. Maddie is seen throwing a carton of Morleys into a suitcase as she packs for a trip. Jesse and Fiona are posing as crooked cops and extort, along with the security tapes, a carton of Morleys from a bodega.

Maddie smokes her final Morley before James Kendrick’s men burst into the house she and Jesse were hiding in, before she blows herself and them up. Hank, played by David Duchovny , often smokes Morley cigarettes and can be plainly seen in many episodes. This is an inside joke that harkens back to Duchovny’s days on The X-Files in which the Cigarette Smoking Man usually chain-smoked this brand. A pack is on a patio table near the end of the episode. At the beginning, a pack is near his smartphone.

Cold Case ” The Plan ” 2 May

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Share this article Share Nick keeps it casual for the video, with his hair slicked into a side parting and rocking his signature heavy beard. He dons a slate grey t-shirt and jeans to fit the relaxed vibe of the ditty. Clearly feeling the message of the song, which revolves around the line ‘it takes every kinda people, to make the world go round’ Nick could be seen passionately belting out the song Popular:

The Black Death , a plague that ravaged Europe from to did not significantly affect Poland, and the country was spared from a major outbreak of the disease.

Johanna Konta recovers from nasty fall to defeat world No.1 Angelique Kerber

A pack of Morley cigarettes is visible on the coffee table when Shane and Jenny are lying on the sofa together.

James Comey, Sally Yates and Eric Holder defend FBI after Trump’s Twitter attack

Getty Images Leon Wieseltier The legendary former New Republic editor responded to multiple allegations of sexual harassment with a statement saying, “For my offenses against some of my colleagues in the past I offer a shaken apology and ask for their forgiveness.

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