Speed Up Your Mac with an External SSD

Speed You can do speed focused workouts on any size bag, but bag control may be an issue depending on your bag. Larger bags will not go as fast as smaller bags. It may help to consider that each speed bag, not matter what size, has three general speeds. On any size bag, most people can only maintain full speed for a short period of time. Use progressively smaller bags, which go faster due to shorter rebound arch Reduce the swinging movement of your punching techniques. These workouts require good control of punching technique and the ability to keep the bag going fast for at least 30 seconds or one minute. They will also require a timer and perhaps a coach or workout partner to call out time or count punches! Hit the bag as fast as possible for 30 seconds or one minute. Count the number of punches you do in that time period. Then increase the number of punches in the same time frame.


This code is the infamous P I recently had the opportunity to help a friend out and fix their car with nothing more than a simple installation of a bracket. This will be an applicable fix to most VW TDi vehicles with an aluminum intake manifold. Presumably, that meant replacing the intake manifold and the subsequent sensor as well. We both did not think it was necessary, so a quick internet search brought up an ingenious fix by Dieselgeek.

This sensor tells the engine computer what angle the throttle plate is registering at.

This code is the infamous P

Adding International Language Support Solaris 10 localeadm: Solaris 10 CLI for adding international lang support. Solaris 7, 8, 9 prodreg: Tech notes on adding locales: Solaris 9 locale packages , what pkg to add to support req lang. Solaris Admin Commands Some of the more basic stuff, may have slight difference from Linux or other Unices. Don’t use at gc as it won’t be auto back up!! Volume Management Solaris by default does not use a Volume Manager, the file system by default is created right on top of a partition.

Sun does have a Volume Manager that is very tied to Solaris:

How To Hook Up an External Video Monitor to Final Cut Pro

If you want more information on what YouTube or Vimeo are going to do to your file, read this article here. And if you want to know more about metadata and media management on shared files, read this. There are plenty of settings here, and a little bit of set up time now can save a lot of heartache later. This is because every time you export, any changes you make to your settings will be remembered.

Even if your final destination is online, the YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook options force you to keep Final Cut Pro open during the upload process.

There are still some drawbacks to these; Shaky; still no shoulder mount.

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Spring Steel Fasteners CLIP

Trouble Shooting For Cylinders Trouble Shooting for Cylinders The use of gas charged springs on Broda products allow the caregiver to easily make adjustments to the tilt, recline, and leg rest with a minimum amount of effort. The gas cylinders contain Nitrogen gas, it is not flammable nor is it toxic. Tighten the lock nut loosened in step 1. If adjusting the cylinder does not correct the problem, the cylinder may need to be replaced. Please contact Broda at or your local area representative.

Only hand-tighten it, and make sure that the hole for the remaining screw is not blocked.

In some cases, the Inspector is the best place to control these new titles, transitions, effects and generators. If there are more than a few options, the Inspector provides a consistent place to change them all at once. But for simpler plug-ins, on-screen controls OSC are the best option, and you can make them control any parameter at all. As usual, the Effect Source is a stand-in for the clip that this effect will be applied to. But in the Viewer, the same on-screen controls that we saw in Motion are visible, and work the same way too.

In Motion, right-click on each of the parameter names Amount, Twirl and Center, choosing Publish each time. Save, then switch to FCP X. What can an OSC do? To begin, in Motion, create a new Effect. This is a sharpening filter that gives nicer results than the built-in Sharpen effect. Create a new group, and call it OSC.

Next, create a rectangle inside the group, and rename it Dummy Rectangle. Each on-screen control has its own lower and upper limits, and negative values are possible with some filters too. In this particular case, the default scale of 1 will work well enough for Link Radius to Amount, but increase the scale to 2 for Link Amount to Angle.

Final Cut Pro: First Things First

A carabiner is included with every unit for anchorage attachment. Durable, lightweight, cast aluminum housing featuring a dual internal inertia braking system, external deceleration pack for ease of inspection, carabiner for anchoring, and choice of lifeline material. RL25AG 25′ of galvanized wire rope.

RL25AS 25′ of stainless steel wire rope. Super-strong cast aluminum housing featuring a dual internal inertia braking system, internal deceleration braking system, swivel impact indicating snap hook, carabiner for anchoring, and choice of lifeline material. RL30G 30′ of galvanized wire rope.

Attempt to apply a patch that’s already been applied 8.

Our position is that extending super-priority status to the pension deficit is the best solution in terms of effect and feasibility. Pension deficit would become the highest priority in insolvency ensuring pensions were fully funded. This option would be very disruptive to the insolvency process and likely lead to increased commercial lending rates because it puts pension deficits ahead of all other creditors including the Debtor in Possession DIP lender. The DIP lender is the source of funds that allows a company to operate during the restructuring process.

Deemed trust needs to be considered because in the Indalex case the Supreme Court of Canada was very careful to rule specifically on Indalex, keeping the deemed trust option open. Establish a national pension insurance program funded by premiums charged to companies with defined benefit pensions. The insurance program would cover any pension loss arising from insolvency.

An excellent solution that would be very difficult to implement. For example today regulators have different definitions of fully funded. A national plan would likely be seen by the provinces as usurping their regulatory responsibility. A new agency would have to be created to operate the insurance program.

Final Cut Pro X: Better H.264 Exports

How do I remove FortiClient? Download “Should I Remove It? On the Start menu for Windows 8, right-click the screen’s bottom-left corner , click Control Panel, and then, under Programs, do one of the following: Click Uninstall a Program. Click Add or Remove Programs.

Maintenance for MacOSX

How to Make a Movie These are great for playback on other cheap mobile phones and MP4 players but now video hosts like Youtube are allowing for better quality internet video. And so, being this sad, I decided to set about making a film. On a super super low budget. If you’re interested in my work can click HERE to open our page in the iTunes store and watch our show for free Mainly because no one would pay for it That done, Let’s go make a film!

This instructable is not as good as it could have been. I’m working on a new one. There is no need for me to explain. Now, on to camcorders. They are relatively cheap, light weight and easy to use. There are some drawbacks though: Sound quality; Small cameras with internal microphones pick up the sound of wind and the mechanisms inside. Shaky footage; Without a shoulder mount, it is difficult to steady a camera, and tripods restrict movement.

Old tech that is an ass to use; DV tape camcorders get magnetic interference, and take time to rip to a computer.


We discussed this a bit in an article on the 6. Now, due to continued interest in the 6. I also plan to illustrate factory ammo price differences and availability. I can sum it up fairly easily, the 6.

Pages for mac is better, as it has a Screenplay template built in.

Test it by trying the statements in terminal: No such file or directory Third Test in terminalt: A big old thumbprint can sometimes put things off. Use a little windex and a lint free cloth to shine it up. If the program is OSX you can hold down the shift key at startup to enter safe boot mode. This turns off things that may be interfering. If the program is OS9 boot into 9 if possible on your unit. If not use the classic control panel to turn off extensions. If 9 bootable start with the shift key held down.

Lastly you can use the disk utility to make a disk image the same size.

Devin Stephens, MD

Level 3 points Apple TV Q: What is the best way to hook up an external monitor? Im having some issues! Up until now I have been able to use my external monitor while editing. I have a Caldigit 4TB Raid that i use for editing. I have a FW going from that to my G5 Powermac.

Unless the federal government takes action, it is only a matter of time until the next Sears.

In particular, we’ll break down what you see on the screen the interface into understandable components. Before the interface tour begins, however, I’ll walk you through the most critical aspect of any editing tool: By the end of this chapter, you’ll be on a first name basis with the FCP interface; it will be familiar and comfortable, and you’ll be ready to learn to edit.

And even if you’re the best videographer in the world, all that matters in the end is the product edited from your raw material. Forgive me, I moved to California a number of years ago, and this kind of New Age metaphor has finally lodged itself in my thinking. For us, post-production includes three steps: Getting raw “source” video into your computer “capturing it” Editing the video Outputting the finished cut sequence to a “master” videotape Final Cut Pro manages all of these tasks.

There are, however, other post-production tasks worth noting. At the front end of post-production I think it is important to create a logsheet outlining the material on a given videotape “reel. At the back end of the process, there are a number of output options available using FCP.

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