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A Beginning First, I’ll you how it all started. I grew up in the brewing town of Newark-on-Trent. Already a real ale drinker, the prospect of working in a keg-only plant didn’t excite me much. All I day I squirted bright beer into oversized tin cans. But the overwhelming majority was Hole’s AK. AK stood for Arthur King, former head brewer at Hole’s and father of the beer. It seemed logical enough. Later, I discovered this explanation demonstrated the brevity of popular memory. So if Hole’s AK was named after a former head brewer, why would Mc Mullens have a beer with the same name? A beer which, even more confusingly, was a light mild.

For Some Guys, The Beer Can Collection Packs A Punch

You can learn more about Pennsylvania brewery history at: Anderton Brewing James Anderton began working in coal mines at the age of eight in England, continuing in that line of work after coming to the United States until the age of 38, when he moved to Beaver Falls and got into the hotel business before starting a brewery the following year, in In November he placed his first product on the market, which consisted of nine barrels of ale and porter.

Ten years later the brewery was producing just under barrels per year. They were one of the first breweries to install mechanical refrigeration shortly after the Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia in They doubled the size of their brew house in bringing their annual production capability to a quarter of a million barrels.

Corfu and The Holocaust When Italian fascism fell in , the Italian occupying forces in Corfu surrendered and the island was subsequently occupied by the Germans.

Beer, alcoholic beverage produced by extracting raw materials with water , boiling usually with hops , and fermenting. In some countries, beer is defined by law—as in Germany , where the standard ingredients, besides water, are malt kiln-dried germinated barley , hops , and yeast. Top 20 beer-consuming countries. Glasses of beer in a bar in Brussels.

Reliefs on Egyptian tombs dating from bce show that barley or partly germinated barley was crushed, mixed with water, and dried into cakes. When broken up and mixed with water, the cakes gave an extract that was fermented by microorganisms accumulated on the surfaces of fermenting vessels. Beer brewer, painted limestone, from the excavations of Dara, Egypt, c. The Roman historians Pliny in the 1st century bce and Tacitus in the 1st century ce reported that Saxons , Celts , and Nordic and Germanic tribes drank ale.

In fact, many of the English terms used in brewing malt, mash, wort, ale are Anglo-Saxon in origin. During the Middle Ages the monastic orders preserved brewing as a craft. Hops were in use in Germany in the 11th century, and in the 15th century they were introduced into Britain from Holland. In beer was made in Germany by a bottom – fermentation process, so called because the yeast tended to sink to the bottom of the brewing vessel; before that, the type of yeast used tended to rise to the top of the fermenting product and was allowed to overflow or was manually skimmed.

How Tiny Rebel’s beer can looks after it was forced to change design – and it’s not much different

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The strength of beer may be measured by the percentage by volume of ethyl alcohol.

The first of its kind in the U. This August, organizers say 45 breweries will participate. Such is the growth in popularity in the U. In the late s, there were perhaps only two American breweries producing at least one organic beer brand — the Lakefront Brewing Co. Now there are dozens in several states, most in California and the Pacific Northwest. That starting date is significant:

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We’re not sure you’re ready for all this jelly,” the brewery says. The beer is lemony, tart, sour with a slight sweetness, “as inspired by one of our favorite comfort foods: Today the brewery taps American Blonde. For a list of food trucks, music and events, go to West’s Facebook page. Come on down and drink some Brass Monkey, that funky monkey. On Saturday, the brewery releases bombers of its second-anniversary beer, Wild BA Imperial Stout, followed by this year’s anniversary beer at noon.

The Hanover Brewing Co.

If a stein is well made and attractive, they figure, it is automatically old and, therefore, valuable. Those with less craftsmanship are presumed to be of recent vintage and worth far less. Others suspect the stein’s age can be determined by signs of wear which can easily be faked , not realizing that many old steins were never used for drinking, and may consequently appear almost new. Contrary to these common assumptions, steins can be real puzzles, and numerous pitfalls await those who take anything for granted in the beer stein hobby.

Beer steins are a favored gift in Germany, frequently being inscribed with the owner’s name and the date of a special occasion on the pewter lid or rim. Reliance on these dates, however, is very uncertain. Old lids are easily – and frequently – attached to steins which lack a lid, and anyone who wants to misrepresent the age of a stein can easily have a date inscribed in the pewter. These dates should only be used to corroborate the age of a stein, if the other traits are consistent.

A second very common error is to conclude that a four-digit number on the base or the side of the stein beginning with “17”, “18” or “19” is a date. On certain very early steins and on some which were custom decorated for a specific event like a wedding or birthday the date may appear as an integral part of the design. But a number behind the handle or impressed in the base is almost certainly a form or mold number assigned by the manufacturer, and it has nothing to do with the date the piece was produced.

We are often faced with conflicting generalizations regarding the approximate age of a stein. Antique and collectible dealers and sellers on eBay! The problem created is in deciding what to call a stein which is years old.


This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The beer was initially sold in wooden kegs barrels and stoneware bottles.

The healthy worldwide market for good steins has also led to production of limited edition steins.

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Does Pabst Blue Ribbon beer use born on or expiration date?

Cans and bottles are usually stamped with a best before date and not an expiration date, which means it can be consumed after the printed date for the time periods stated above. How to tell if Beer is bad, rotten or spoiled? Practicing proper hygiene and food safety techniques will help prevent foodborne illness. You can usually tell when you open the bottle if your beer has gone bad.

They fall to the ground and burrow below the surface.

Mail icon The largest of the three, and the one with the earliest starting time, is Morphy Auction’s two-day sale of a single-owner collection of beer cans and brewing-related items. The two sessions begin at 9 a. Friday and Saturday at the gallery outside Reading. The 1, lots – including antique and vintage beer cans, glasses, taps and knobs, and a selection of signs, artwork, and promotional items – were collected over the last 40 years by Adolph Grenke.

Grenke, a former industrial executive in the Chicago area, became aware of beer cans as a collectible in , thanks to a presentation by a Meister Brau salesman, and began collecting himself a few years later after finding a roadside cluster of cans while on a family vacation in Texas. Presale price estimates are accessible at Morphy’s website www. The lots in Friday’s session feature glasses, mugs and steins; artwork and promotional items, many from the Chicago area; and, above all, beer cans.

The one that has the entire sale’s highest presale estimate:

Auctions: Beer cans are the toast of a sale

Origins[ edit ] Rainier ad in The Seattle Republican newspaper. The original brewery dates all the way back to when A. They launched Rainier beer in [3] and would produce and distribute Rainier for the next decade.

The brewery was destroyed by fire in and replaced with a larger, more modern plant.

To hold the brew until you drink it. After that critical mission is complete, most folks, at least those who care about the environment, toss the can in the recycle bin or save them to exchange for cash at the nearest scrap-metal dealer. But others find ways to recycle the aluminum cylinders by turning them into apparel, cameras or even art. Here are some of the coolest.

Beer Can Hat The crochet-and-beer-can hat is a common sight at beer festivals, but one artist from Tacoma, Washington, created a niche by using only cans from U. Did he drink all the beer in those cans? Beer Can Pine Cones Lazy people in a forest toss empty beer cans onto the ground. Creative people turn them into pine cones first. But would all those empties discourage Santa from leaving a six-pack under it? Beer Can Butterflies Butterflies are delicate creatures, even when their wings are made of aluminum.

Beer Can Camera Pop the top and say cheese. Best not use this method for your wedding photos, though. Beer Can Boats Every year since , the Lions Clubs of Darwin, Australia, encourage people to save their empties and turn them into a seagoing vessel for its annual Beer Can Regatta competition.

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Historically, plenty of beer has been brewed in Chicago with numerous breweries operating in the city. The number of brewing companies reached a peak in the s and s. Unknown Chicago Peter Hand Brewery in , one year before closure. National Prohibition was the final nail in the coffin for a number of Chicago breweries, many of which did not reopen after the amendment was repealed.

The traditional pastoral scene on the inlay is typical.

Take one down and pass it around–and one of these guys will likely offer to buy it from you. Not the beer, mind you; just the can. Collecting beer cans is something most would associate with determined recyclers or serious suds swillers. But there are approximately 5, people across the nation who simply like the color, the nostalgia, the thrill of discovery, or the basic “guy-ness” of amassing and displaying large numbers of beer cans.

In their search for the truly rare can, these collectors have been known to scour roadside ditches, dig up dump sites and make deals with undersea salvage operators. They also like to poke around homes being remodeled, mostly to hunt in old wall spaces for beer cans the original construction workers might have dropped. Consider this account of a “dumping” beer-can hunting at old dumps excursion written up by John Kotteman of Oakville, Mo. Kotteman went out into the Georgia countryside looking for cans while he was stationed at Ft.

Gordon, near Augusta, Ga. He stopped at an abandoned farmhouse and spied some old soup cans across the road. He kicked around the area of the cans a bit, then discovered some year-old quart beer cans from a long-closed New York brewery. There was more, a whole pit full of old cans.

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