Demonstrate mastery of knowledge of the principles and practice of scholarly editing 2. Conduct research in an ethical manner Courses for the PhD The Theory and Practice of Literary Editing CAS EI An introduction to the theory, practice, and principles of editorial decisions, such as questions of modernization, revision, and annotation. The course features several speakers and attends to notable editorial achievements. The History of the Book CAS EI Investigates the impact of print technology on society from the fifteenth century to the present, considering the sociology and politics of publishing, writing and reading practices, concepts of authorship and copyright, censorship and control of the press, and the future of the book. Among the many goals of the course: EI , History of the Book is a prerequisite, ideally taken concurrently. Editing Across the Disciplines CAS EI Bringing together expertise from different areas of the University, this course will introduce students to the purpose, practices, and effects of editing, broadly defined, in disciplines as diverse as musicology and Biblical studies, philosophy and classics. An introduction to the theory, practice, and principles of editorial decisions, such as questions of modernization, revision, and annotation. Featuring several speakers and attending to notable editorial achievements. Annotation GRS EI Studies in allusions, sources, dating, topical contexts, annotation as part of the work itself, and marginal glosses, among other topics.

The Power of Uncertainty

Universidad de Zaragoza Undergraduate The University of Zaragoza was founded in and is situated in the heart of Aragon, flanked by the Pyrenees and the Iberian mountain range. The University itself is spread over three campuses which correspond to the three regions within the Autonomous Community of Aragon. The University finds its roots in the old Ecclesiastical Schools, one of which was the ancient School of Zaragoza, created in the 7th century, and whose patron was Bishop Braulio, who later went on to be the first patron of the University.

This is because the school is going to have a lot of applicants to choose from who have about median numbers, however, they have trouble attracting students with higher LSATs, who often go to better ranked schools if they have a high GPA as well.

This practise was rife with vested interests and open to abuse, dishonesty and incompetence. In addition, a tradition of an annual excursion was established in , destinations subsequently taking in the English counties and cathedral cities but also venturing on to the Continent, visiting Charente in and Italy in The relatively new medium of photography was embraced and alongside the AA Sketch Book published — , a series of photograph albums were printed which served to document many historic buildings and landscapes now lost.

Under its dynamic President, Leonard Stokes, the AA underwent a major structural reorganisation that laid the groundwork for a more systematic, methodical course of study and the eventual founding of a day school in As part of these reforms the AA moved to new premises in , renting rooms in Great Marlborough Street. Nevertheless, space remained an issue and in the AA accepted the gift of the premises and collections of the Royal Architectural Museum, Tufton Street.

Tastes within the school had moved decisively away from the Gothic and by the mid s an Arts and Craft-inspired Vernacular had gained the upper hand, with the AA even forming a School of Design and Handicraft in Casualties by amounted to 69 killed in action. During the war period, a number of important issues were dealt with at the AA. The question of admitting female students had been raised in and again in , and was rejected on both occasions.

Admittance was finally granted in Space had become a problem again, with the museum being considered unsuitable for teaching — the unused collections taking up three-quarters of the available room. Conversazione Christmas Card While interest in US models of education continued after the war, the AA increasingly came under the influence of Dutch and Scandenavian architectural developments — and indeed played a huge part in introducing and publicising them in the wider UK architectural press.

The leading figures in this were the AA Secretary and photographer Frank Yerbury, who travelled extensively, often in the company of the then Principal, Howard Robertson, who provided the text for numerous articles.

Harvard officially bans sex between undergraduate students and teachers

Overview Undergraduate Chemistry is an interdisciplinary subject with natural, robust ties to the other sciences and engineering that, in general, involves the study of matter and the changes it undergoes. Advances in chemistry will be required to meet global challenges of clean air, safe water, healthy food, dependable medicine, advanced materials, eco-friendly products, and sustainable energy. Our understanding of the fundamental nature of the world is grounded in chemistry.

But no matter how lonely I was or how much I was hurting, I knew that I had to deal with it.

This story has really struck a cord, thank you for sharing this link and supplying our first 20, visitor day! A transcribed letter from Robert Tjian From now on, I or someone designated by me will take attendance at group meetings starting at 9: If you are not there, I will not sign your salary sheets. The frequency of vacation, time taken off and other non-lab activities is bordering on the ridiculous.

In case you forgot, the standard amount of time you are supposed to take is 2 weeks a year total, including Christmas. I also want to say that the average lab citizenship and community spirit of keeping the lab in functioning order is at an all-time low. Few people seem to care about fixing broken equipment and making sure things in the lab run smoothly.

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Returning to the subject at hand, the point is that with that high LSAT you all of a sudden become someone that the school might need to admit to get the student profile they desire. Your chances of admission are perhaps not as great as someone whose numbers are both above the medians, but they are nonetheless fairly high.

Again, the exception is the very top schools such as Yale and Stanford, where any given applicants chances of success are not very high because competition is so strong. If they do decide they need you, you are actually in a pretty good position to draw scholarship money. This is because the school is going to have a lot of applicants to choose from who have about median numbers, however, they have trouble attracting students with higher LSATs, who often go to better ranked schools if they have a high GPA as well.

Devote 3 months to studying intensely for it.

Student-Initiated Term Withdrawal After the first day of classes each semester, students wishing to drop all of their classes for the semester must complete this form to request a full term withdrawal.

Want to start a startup? Get funded by Y Combinator. March Parts of this essay began as replies to students who wrote to me with questions. Recently I’ve had several emails from computer science undergrads asking what to do in college. I might not be the best source of advice, because I was a philosophy major in college. I was certainly a hacker, at least. Hacking What should you do in college to become a good hacker?

There are two main things you can do: These turn out to be equivalent, because each drives you to do the other. The way to be good at programming is to work a a lot b on hard problems. And the way to make yourself work on hard problems is to work on some very engaging project. Odds are this project won’t be a class assignment. My friend Robert learned a lot by writing network software when he was an undergrad.

Department of Chemistry

Spread the love Every generation has an age where, consciously or otherwise, we expect to be married by. In the old days, it was In more modern times, it was pushed back to

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College graduate dating service Aug An examination of the major historical shifts, trends, and conflicts that have shaped the multicultural nature of life in the United States from to the present. Black Religions from Slavery to the Present. This course examines the history and diversity of African American religious expression from slavery until the present, emphasizing both mainstream and alternative faiths.

Topics include debates related to periodization, the nature of progress, the impact of colonialism and imperialism, the power of reason, and the relationship to previous “traditional” ideas. By taking an active role in their undergraduate education, students maximize the value of their KU experience. Contact the appropriate program advisor at Edwards for more information. An examination of the major historical shifts, trends, and conflicts that have shaped the multicultural nature of life in the United States from the initial European settlements to In addition to tracing developments in literature, architecture, drama, music, and the visual arts, this course will investigate patterns and changes in the popular, domestic, and material culture of everyday life in America.

It covers the religious world views of enslaved Africans, and examines faiths inside and outside of Christianity. Topics include consideration of how responses to immigration articulate racialized and culturally specific including linguistic and religious concepts of the nation, and how questions of citizenship and residency dovetail with issues of community “voice”, public space, and diverse notions of “security”. Each department lends a unique perspective on the world.

Some attention will be given to the dispersion of Africans into the Americas and the leadership that emerged, conditioned both by environmental factors and the psychology engendered by the system of slavery.

New Students’ Orientation Handbook

In those five minutes you have to show that you are a good pick for the school. Thanks for signing up! Sign up today and get exclusive tips and get a head start on your college experience! Get help with your essay with EssayEdge Go to EssayEdge Writing an amazing graduate school essay is probably far more straightforward than you might think.

Graduate school admissions officers aren’t looking for gimmicks.

Chemistry Students in this program need a basic knowledge of chemistry through general classes in which they will be exposed to stoichiometry, periodic properties, molecular geometry and atomic structure.

Undergraduate dating a graduate student Best sex chat apps iphone Jun The general opening days of graduate residences for each quarter are listed on the housing calendar. There are multiple move-in dates available to single graduate students, couples without children and students with children for the autumn. To provide evidence of graduation and the completion of the degree requirements prior to the formal degree posting to the student record, please refer to the Education Verifications web page.

Undergraduate students must file their graduation application by the appropriate deadline for the quarter in which they are filing to graduate. Your housing charges are prorated to start on the date you selected on your housing application in Axess, even if you arrive late. If you expect to arrive later than your indicated move-in date, you must notify your Housing Front Desk in writing of your planned date of arrival or your housing assignment will be cancelled and you will be charged a 0 administrative fee.

A written plan developed as provided in this policy that mitigates the conflict of interest and the potential for exploitation or the appearance of exploitation or favoritism created by the consensual relationship and which plan is acknowledged and signed by the parties involved.


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